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Poker Glossary A-Z

So if your new to the poker world or still getting to grips with the poker language then have a read of the Poker X poker glossary and you will be up to date in no time with the poker lingo the pros are using at the poker tables.


A. A-Game.     This term is used when someone is playing good,playing great poker.As in i brought my A-Game today.

B.Backdoor straight.     This phrase is used when a player needs 2 cards to complete a straight after the flop.

C.Clinch Hand.    This is a hand that can,t be beaten after the river card is dealt and you know no hand can possibly beat you.

D.Deck.     This is a word used to describe a pack/set of playing cards.

E.Early position.     This is when you are first to bet at the tabel,you are infront of the blinds.

F.Fish.     Players use the word fish to describe a bad/unskilled player.

G.Gut-Shot.    This is a term used when you have an inside straight draw.you have a 4,5,6, on the flop and you have a 8,9 in your hand.You need a 7 for the straight ,this is a Gut-Shot .

H.Heads Up.    This is when you are playing against a single opponent at the table.

I.In the money.    Is a phrase used when you are playing in a tournament but have made the paid places.

J.Jack it up.    This is another term used when you want to raise a pot.

K.Kicker.     A kicker can decide who wins a pot.If you have KQ in your hand and your opponent has AK and in the middle you have J 2 5 9 K your opponent would win with the Ace Kicker.

L.Limp in.     Is when you enter a pot by calling not raising.

M.MUCK.     Is to throw away a hand.

N.No Limit.    This is when players can bet as much as they like in any round of betting.

O.On the Button.     Is when you are the last to bet in a round of betting.

P.Pigeon.    An inexperienced or easy player like a Fish.

Q.Quint.     Is another name for a straight flush.

R.Ragged.     Is when a flop helps nobody a the table.

S.Slow Play.    Is when you play a good hand weakly so that other players stay in the pot and hopefully raise.

T.Triplets.     Is another phrase for 3 of a kind.

U.Under the Gun.    Is when you are first person to act in a round of betting ,you are infront of the blinds.

V.Village People.    Four Queens no explanation needed.

W.Weak.    Is used to describe a player than folds to many hands.

X.Poker X.

Y.Youngest Hand.    Is used to refer to the player sitting at the right hand side of the dealer.

Z.Zombie.     This is a name give to players with good poker faces who show no emotion or tells.

So i hope this glossary of poker helps you at the tables and in the chat rooms when trying to understand what opponents are talking about.