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Download PKR

Poker players looking for information about PKR download,s and PKR bonuses can get them right here. PKR has free software so it will cost you nothing to download the free PKR software and test out the PKR tables before deciding if you would like to play poker at PKR for real money.The PKR sign up bonuses is just one of the bonuses poker players can receive from P KR but it is a whopping $800 first deposit bonus.


To download the PKR software onto your home computer or laptop you will first have to go to the PKR home page.To get to the PKR home page all you need to do is click on the PKR banner above and you will be redirected to the PKR home page.Once on the PKR home page you will see a large DOWNLOAD button on the right hand side of the home page and all you have to do is double click it and the PKR software download process will begin.The PKR poker Download will take no more than 5 minutes and it is free,easy and 100% safe to do.


The PKR sign up bonus is an amazing 100% first deposit bonus of up to $800 and i suggest that you take full advantage of this offer and deposit the full $800 if you can afford it.The PKR sign up bonus is like most poker room,s sign up bonuses as your first deposit bonus is based on your first deposit and only your first deposit but the big difference with the PKR sign up bonus is that it is worth a whopping $800.Nearly all of the major online poker rooms only offer new players a $600 sign up bonus but PKR is offering new poker players $200 more than all it,s competitor,s.


At PKR you can make extra bonus for yourself by looking out for re-load bonus offers,signing your friends up to play on PKR and earning a $50 refer a friend bonus from each friend that you refer to PKR and you will also be able to use the PKR points that you earn each time you play on PKR to take advantage of some great offers in the PKR CLUB.


If you have never seen a PKR game before then you have to watch a demo on the PKR home page as the graphics are simply brilliant. PKR is like the Grand Theft Auto of the online poker world.There is no online poker room in the world that even comes close to PKR and it is truly a unique experience.All poker players choose their own character and dress them.

You can also make your player do things at the table like yawn when the action is slow or do a chicken impression to try and wind up an opponent.As you the PKR chat you still have the standard chat box like on all poker rooms but you can also click on over 40 phrases which will be said out load for everyone at the table to hear.As i have said the PKR software has to be seen to be believed and you will find it hard to play on any other poker room once you have tried PKR as the experience is like nothing else you have experienced before in the world of online poker.


Well you can play Ring Games(cash)sit n goes and tournaments on PKR and there is a cash limit to suit every player.On PKR it does not matter if you have all the money in the world and looking to burn some cash or if you have a small bankroll and a very strict budget.


So maybe the main reason for signing up with PKR is to play poker but i know that most poker players also like to endulge in other forms of gambling(if you class poker as gambling)and at PKR you will have everything at your finger tips.If you like live sports betting then you can place a bet on your favorite team or on a horse you fancy

While playing at the poker table.Most poker players have spent lots of time in casinos so like to dabble in some of the games that you can find in casino,s such as Roulette,Black jack or Craps and you can play these games and many more at the PKR CASINO which is open 24/7.

Then if all that is not enough to quench  your thirst for gambling you can go to the games room where you can play Euro Blackjack,Bingo Keno Extreme,Tower Poker,Pachinko,Hi-Lo Poker,Golden Balls,Jacks or Better,Baltimore drop and Caribbean Stud Poker to mention a few.Then last but not least you can play one of the biggest game shows in the world online exclusively at PKR. Deal or no Deal is a popular TV game show around the globe and PKR allows you to play Deal or no Deal online for real money.


So if you think that PKR offers everything that you need in a poker room and would like to sign up with PKR then you can do so via the PKR banner above.You can also find out any more information about PKR that you wish from following the PKR banner above which takes you to the PKR home page.I have also added a few PKR articles below which are very useful and informative.